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 Why have your roof cleaned?

Amazing aesthetic results are not the only reason to have your roof cleaned. The dark stains typically seen on the north face of roofs are a cyanobacteria that retains moisture, allowing moss, lichen, mold and fungus to grow and flourish. This bacteria feeds on the limestone filler in asphalt shingles. Moss and lichen break down the granular surface which is designed to protect asphalt shingles, shortening the service life of your roof.

Roof Shingles

This is a method where we rely on the use of specialty cleaning chemicals and very low pressure to safely and effectively clean your roof. Our experience and equipment allows us to use just the right amount of detergents, reducing the overall chemical usage for the job.  This method is safer for the environment and your landscaping.  By carefully saturating all adjacent vegetation before, during and after the cleaning process, any chemical run off is diluted to safe levels.  We typically cover any shrubs, ornamental trees, roses or other delicate plants with plastic sheeting to ensure they are not affected by our process.

We use a soft wash method for roof cleaning

  • 1 out of every 3 residential roofs are replaced prematurely due to the appearance of the shingles rather than the functionality of the roof itself.

  • The algae that grows on roofs feeds on the limestone filler in shingles causing them to breakdown and deteriorate.

  • Keeping your roof clean can save you on your ELECTRIC BILL! Darkening of shingles from the mold and algae causes your roof to get hotter costing you more.

  • Keeping your roof clean of algae, mold and fungus free can dramatically extend the life of your roof.

Benefits Of A Clean Roof:

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